Why was my order cancelled?

There are various reasons why an order may have been canceled such as:

  • Out of Stock
  • Unverified information
  • Payment decline
  • Tech issues
  • Incorrect address

If your order was canceled, you should receive an email notification detailing the reason.

Sometimes an order does not process – this could be due to two possible reasons:

  1. The time lapse between ordering the item and confirming payment
  2. The item changed to out of stock during the ordering process

To prevent this from happening again, we kindly request that once the item is selected you proceed to payment confirmation as soon as you can.

Credit Card Payments

We only charge your credit card upon dispatch of your order, so if your order has been canceled, you will not be charged.

If you see a charge then it is a pre-authorization only, which will be automatically canceled by your payment provider.

PayPal Payments

Payments made via PayPal are immediate, so if an order was canceled, a refund will have been issued.