I want a refund of the duties & taxes paid for this order

Import duties and taxes may apply upon receipt of orders shipped outside of the European Union. Such duties and taxes are beyond our control as they are set by the Customs Authority of the destination country/location and depend on a number of factors, such as country/location of origin of the purchased product, local VAT rates and local import taxes.

It is stated on our website that any local import duty, taxes or customs clearance are not included in our prices and must be paid for by the customer.

We also provide an option to prepay taxes and duties in advance, so you can see the fees before you submit your order and there will be no additional costs when you receive your package, guaranteed.

Any inspections and fees applied on imports to your country/location are beyond our control, should you decide not to prepay your taxes during checkout.

Did you prepay the duties & taxes on this order?

Please send us a copy of the receipt for any additional charges that you have paid and we will follow up with our shipping partner to arrange a refund.